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0036: Dr. David Bilstrom Talks AID and the CEO woman Part 2

March 2, 2020

You are in for a treat with Dr. David Bilstrom. Richale Begins the conversation all CEO women need to hear abut their health with Dr. David a specialist in Autoimmune Disease (AID). In this series on AID, Richale shares life changing information. You won't want to miss an episode as your very life could depend on it!


 Connect with Dr. David Bilstrom

 David Bilstrom MD, medical director of the International   Autoimmune Institute, is a leading expert in what causes   autoimmune diseases and how to clear them once they are   established in the body. Because there is an epidemic with 50   million Americans alone affected with one or more of these   diseases already, he is also passionate about preventing them   before they ever occur. This includes preventing them in the   children, descendants, and relatives of those people already   affected. 

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